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Tag: ecu reprogramming tool

IMMO TOOL V26.12.2007

IMMO TOOL V26.12.2007

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New version of IMMO killer, 138 algorithms available in this new version, Support more cars!
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TMS374 ECU Decoder

TMS374 ECU Decoder

Item No. SE41       
TMS374 ECU Decoder is a simple frequency sweeper with an effective range from about 2000Hz to about 100Hz. The Tiny sweeper does exactly the same but much more better (bigger range).
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Wellon Programmer VP-390 Universal Programmer

Wellon Programmer VP-390 Universal Programmer

Item No. SE44   
Wellon Programmer VP-390 is affordable, reliable, and fast universal device programmers. They are designed to operate with the Intel Pentium-based IBM-compatible desktop computers and laptops. The menu-driven software interface makes them easy to operate.
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BMW INPA OBD2 Interface

BMW INPA OBD2 Interface

Item No. SM27   
Since BMW DT provides solutions for all these use cases BMW INPA OBD2 Interface is used within the entire process chain from engineering to test, from manufacturing to after sales.
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